28 déc. 2007

Early, in the morning II (by Orkhan Turki )

Sunrise time, another point of view

Early, in the morning III (by Orkhan Turki )

Another point of view, same time, same place, same Eden.

Hammam Ghezaz Beach (by Orkhan Turki)

A picture of Hammam Ghezaz Beach located near Kelibia in the midst of a small forest. It was taken in the afternoon, from the roof of a house, with my newly acquired 100mm f/2.8 lens.

26 déc. 2007

Early, in the morning (by Orkhan Turki)

Sunrise at 6 a.m. Fresh air. Soft breeze. Smooth sand. Breath-taking scenery. What could be better, healthier, and more appropriate for an early morning jogging ?This little paradise -- Hammam Ghezaz -- , is the closest point to Italy from Tunisia.